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What ancient creature are you  quiz. All outcomes are rather unique so don t expect to get a fairy or a gnome  Let me surprise you  evil chuckle Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What ancient creature are you?
All outcomes are rather unique so don't expect to get a fairy or a gnome. Let me surprise you (evil chuckle)

1. Standard. Your favourite colour?
all of them
none/ dark colours
2. Who are you?
I`m popular and cute
I`m the guardian of my friends and family
I`m nobody...
I`m HOT!
I`m free and/or rich.
Why do you want to know?
I`m independent.
I`m ...
3. What describes you best?
greedy, but righteous
4. What sex are you?
Sex? What are you talking about, pervert!!!???
Uhhh... me likey!
5. What do you make of this picture?
it`s a frog!!
it`s an illusion
Y would you ask?
6. What animal do you prefer?
a cute one
strong and protective one
does it matter?
something cool
a precious one
I don`t need animals
I have enough animals as it is
I can`t choose
7. What makes you stronger?
my family and/or friends
my muscles and some work out
my secrets
my charms
my will
nothing, I`m not strong at all
8. What do you lack mostly?
a bit privacy
a good conversation
pocket money
time to train
9. You are walking down the road, and suddenly stopped to think. What about?
My bank account
My secrets
My home
My friends
My thy
My family
How handsome I am.
Who cares? Do you?
10. You suddenly feel a bit unsure. You look around and see nobody. That scares you. You want to run away but you don`t know wich way to choose. Which one?
I pick the bright way! (go to question about heaven)
I pick the dark way! (go to question about the woods)
11. The Path of Heavens. You walked the path slowly until you...
...could no more.
...stopped and stared at the sky.
...began to cry.
I chose for woods.
12. The Path of the Woods. You got lost in the middle of the woods. You screamed for help but no one aswered. Suddenly you...
...gave up and stood silent.
...hit the nearby tree.
... climb up a tree and explore the woods. Effortlessly.
... listened to the sound of the wind.
I picked the heaven.
13. You turned around and you saw a woman tied to a rock. What do you do?
Help her, duh! We will be best friends:D
Go and help her. Quick!
Try to help her with all your spirit.
Help her. Then we`ll be lovers. (chuckle)
Help her. Maybe she`ll repay me someday.
Help your sister.
Help her.
14. After she finally freed HERSELF, she ran away without saying a word. You followed her to a strange flaming tower. What do you do?
OMG! Flames!!!
I have to find a way to get in there.
What CAN I do?
Only jerks are scared of flames. I`m immune to them after all.
You try to find a weak spot in the tower.
You just flow through flames.
You call your friends to put out the fire with their water magic.
You must follow the girl, whatever the cost.
15. The girl turned out to be a witch in disguise. (so typical) What do you do?
Stab the b***h. I`m better than she is.
Defend yourself.
Gather all your strenght and fight.
Use her towers` fire against her. Burn the witch!
Fly away!
Confuse her and kill silently.
Join her. She`s your sister after all.
You fight if you must...
16. After a long fight, you injured her mortaly and when she fell, she spoke to you. Her voice was very familiar. What did she say?
Shearnath bernuit cohazzan!
Join me!
F*** YOU!
Your loneliness comes to its end.
I will have my revenge on you.
17. Then, you fainted! In your ears you still heard the witch`s voice, but now it was different. What did it say?
Wake up you lazy bum!
Is everything allright?
C`mon, open your eyes.
Urgh... would you just wake up!
Hey, you OK?
soft murmur
Yo, wake up!
Geez, you`re heavy...
18. Now you remember! The familiar voice was your best friend`s voice. When you`ve awaken you walked together and talked about your "dream". What happens then?
you just talk...
you got even better
your silence says more than thousand words
you have fun
you show off
you are VERY nervous and shy
you smile a lot and keep on talking
you are BESTBESTBEST friends 4 EVA`
19. In the end she/he stops and kisses you. How?
tastes sweet
you close your eyes and kiss
french kiss
you both forget yourselves
romantic kiss
you enjoy it like hell...
you just kiss
20. Isn`t it a fabulous ending?
YEAH!!! I`ll rate AND comment.
Yup, I`ll rate or comment
SCREW YOU. I`ll never forget the sex question!!!

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