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what anamel are you quiz. bored   need amusment   well i have just the thing   find out what anamel you are for        JK Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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what anamel are you
bored?? need amusment?? well i have just the thing!! find out what anamel you are for $19.99 JK

1. out of thees you would...
be wit all my family and friends!!
play outside or go to the gym for fun
... i guss read a book or get on the computer
2. if you could do ANY of thes what would it be
play or caus mahem
go on a relaxing cruse and go to a 5 star restront...ahhhh
run and play
have te houst to myself and surf the web(me!!)
3. whats your fav food
anything that i can get!!
rice or oats
any cind of nuts lol
4. whats your idea of a perfict date
a nice restront with good food ending wit a nite under te stars
5 star restront with hand and foot service next we(goes on for 7 hours with EXCRUTATING detale)
a dobble date with my besty at a nice restront
5. coke or pepsy
i dont drink pop

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Created on:1/10/2009 8:26:34 PM
Made by:kikiofolower

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