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Are you an Indigo child  quiz. It s hard to explain what it is so just look it up on the internet if you don t know what it is   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you an Indigo child?
It's hard to explain what it is so just look it up on the internet if you don't know what it is (e)

1. First of all, has anyone actually told you that you had an indigo aura?
Yes, and it was a psychic
Yes, but it was no psychic
No, however I do believe in that stuff
NO and I DO NOT believe in that DUMB stuff!
What`s an aura?
2. Are you creative?
Yes, very
I guess
What does creative mean?
3. Speaking of creativity, do you enjoy the arts (writing, music, drawing...)? Are you good at them?
Yes I love the arts and I`m great at them
Eww... I hate the arts. I`m terrible at them.
I like art and reading poetry and stuff... but I don`t think I`m good at them!
YES!! Actually, I go to an art school!
I guess I`m good at them but I don`t like them
4. Are you independent?
I dunno, sure why not
Yes I can take care of myself, and I`m headstrong
What does independent mean? (me: are you Patrick Star from Spongebob?)
5. Are you intuitive and have psychic abilities? (Don`t say yes because you want to have them, look back and see what experiences you`ve had)
Probably, I have had some experiences.
All the way yes - definantly
Nope, I don`t recall any, but I surely believe in that stuff
Yes but I do NOT believe in that stuff
No I hate that junk its not real
6. Are you tense a lot?
OK why do you have a picture of a dog? (me: I dunno but isn`t he cute its my dog!)
Yes, I can get nervous easily
sure, no, i dunno does it matter?
7. Are you highly sensitive, especially to animals?
Yes!! I am SOOO sensitive, and I heart those sweet lil` animals!
Nah I`m tough
I`m not tough I`m not sensitive I`m in between
Leave me alone!!!!
8. Do you have high empathy for others?
You really like wolves
Yes, you could say that about me
No.... I worry about my own issues
I`m kind I guess
actually, I have NO empathy
9. Comment and rate if you like this picture.
Aww! It is SO CUTE! The big dog and little kitty! How ADORABLE!
That`s lame

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