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Are you an idiot?
Find out if you are as smart as you think you are. (e)

1. If everyone else in the world said that two and two was five, would it still be four, or not?
No matter how many people said it, it would still be four.
Sure I guess.
If everyone said five, then it must be five.
Two and two is four? Or is it five? What?
2. What is the most important organ in your body?
Your heart. You can`t go without one.
Your brain. It`s important!
Your lungs. You need to breathe.
Everything is important in it`s interactions with each other.
Your throat is the most importantest.
3. You are given the choice to resurrect one of the following. Who do you pick?
Adolf Hitler.
Abraham Lincoln.
Christopher Columbus.
Benjamin Franklin.
Who are these people?
4. Where you to rate a song, you would rate it based on?
It`s melody.
The instrument I play.
How much I like it.
How all the parts of the music go together.
Whatever I feel like at the time.
5. Be honest! What is your level of education?
Grade School. (I hope to God you are a little kid)
Middle School.
High School.
What education?
6. How useful is math?
Useful when you need it to be.
Not very useful.
Hey, we use it all the time.
I don`t see the point of math.
7. Whats the difference between then and than?
Then shows time, than shows comparison.
They`re the same.
Then shows comparison, than shows time.
I`m not really sure.
8. If I asked you what the worst war in world history was, you would answer?
Vietnam War. It had no point.
Iraq War. We shouldn`t be there.
World War II. The most people died.
The Civil War. It almost tore our country apart.
9. Now that we are on the topic of war, when is war acceptable.
War is bad no matter what.
I don`t like war.
War in needed to protect our interests. Still, someday there shall be world peace.
War is not that bad.
10. Define haughty.
A stange spelling of "hottie".
Prideful or boastful .
Full of hot air.
Um, what define mean?
11. What is the proper grammar to say when something is superior. better. gooder. more better. more gooder.
12. Last question! Will you rate this quiz?
I hate you.
I want potatoes.
The color pink rocks.
Peace dude.
Wtf does that have to do with being an idiot?
Why does it matter?
Rhaaaaaahr! (ok, chill dude!)

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