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Are You An Awesome Friend?
Are you a bad,good or awesome friend?

1. Your friend says "Do you like my outfit?" and it`s a horrible outfit you......
Tell her the truth but say it looks good on her.
Don`t say anything but say it looks awesome on her and it does.
Say it looks horrible.
2. You buy your friend a present. It`s a
Gift card
You buy her nothing! Not wasting your money.
You plan a surprise party!
3. Your friend is getting an F in math. You....
Help her study
You do nothing you have awesome grades. Who cares about your friends grades!
Give her your notes but don`t help her study.
4. Your friend likes your crush. You.....
Tell her to back off. You liked him first.
Say"We have great taste in boys"
I liked him first but you don`t have to unlike him.
5. You like this quizz? (won`t effect)
So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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Created on:9/26/2015 2:56:14 PM
Made by:kindness

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