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Are you an assassin
Take this to see if u r an assassin

1. Your target kills your friend what do you do?
Charge and blow them up
Sneak into their house at night and slit their neck
Go kill them in front of a crowd to be a show off
Kill them in the shawdows
2. What weapon?
Secret blade
1 gauge blow their head right off
A sniper rifle
3. Your target is in a crowd what do you do?
Snipe them
Wait then kill
Kill for show
4. What cloths do you wear
Assassin robes
T-shirt and pants
Doesn`t matter just blend in
5. You are almost dead and someone has a gun with 1 round left what do you do?
Dodge the bullet and slice their head off
Throw a Semtex then you both die
Throw a poisoned knife
6. Will you die for you family
It depends
Who would I die for?
Yes I would say goodbye then die

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