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Are You An Animal Lover?
Are you an animal lover or an animal abuser?

1. When you hunt do you just shoot the animal and leave it there, on the ground or use it for food?
Leave it there, who cares?
If there are chips inside the animal I`ll use it for food.
I hunt for a reason. (For food.)
I will never ever hunt in my life!!!
2. How many pet`s do you have?
All I have is a pet chip bag
3. When hunting what do you kill?
Deer, Moose
Rabbits, Hares
I don``t hunt
Anything I can find
4. When not hunting what do you do at HOME?
Watch T.V. about hunting, how to improve my hunting skills
Family, Nothing abusive
Cartoons Ex. Spongebob
Adult shows
5. Have you done anything abusive to your pets?
Yes, 1 or 2 things
Hurt a fluffy animal? No way!

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Created on:7/27/2010 4:48:42 PM
Made by:chessie2

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