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Are you an Angel or Demon  quiz. there are all types of demons and angels some demons are kinder than other  some angels and more brutal  what category do you fit in Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you an Angel or Demon?
there are all types of demons and angels some demons are kinder than other, some angels and more brutal, what category do you fit in?

1. You find human crying in the rain while you walk around. What do you do?
I walk away
Ripped the human into pieces
Take the human in as a prisoner
I go the human and help him/her
Attack who ever has caused the human problems
Tell one of the angels to help her/him
Try to help but i just leave
I scream and cry with him/her
I kill him/her
Hurt the human and cry
2. You see a fallen angel. What do you do?
Kill her
Try to help her without getting killed
Hug her
Stab Her
Take her into the angel realm
Leave her alone
Run away!
Call for warrior demons
3. Your about to die. What are your last words?
Finally i die!
I love her
Bring peace to all
Oh hell, about time!
HA HA im not going to die
i kill whoever is trying to kill me
Live, peace, guard
I just rip out their guts with my nails
Go maniac on them
4. What words describe yourself?
Cruel, heartless, evil
sympathetic, sad, lost
gentle, kind, loving
strong, brave, caring
Strict, demanding, mature, wise
Crazy, mysterious, double faced
Brutal, hot-tempered, fighter
Hopeless, choiceless, sad
5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
mind control
Super strenght
Blinding speed
death stare
6. What kind of angel or demon do you think you are?
Guardian angel
Peaceful angel
fallen angel
Neutral angel
Leader angel
servant demon
warrior demon
leading demon
lost demon
traitor demon
7. If you could pick a color for your wings, what would it be?
blood soaked white
blackish red
wing less
8. If you were an angel or demon, what would you rather do now?
sit in the rain and cry
Train to protect those who i love
Give duties to angels to save rid the world of demons
Kill helpless humans
blab on and on about your day
take orders from your master
think of ideas to kill the retched humans
Kiss your loved one
Listen to kids laughter and play the piano
Help the master take in prisoners
9. Do you have friends?
No, i killed them all
I love my friends
Having friends is something i dont really have
Friends reject me...
They died
Friends are my companions
friends? more like food...or prisoners
10. You see a spirit crying, what do you feel?
11. Do you love yourself?
i dont know
12. did you have a difficult past?
sort of
not really
close enough

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