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Are you an angel or a devil?
This quiz will tell you if you are an angel or a devil! Have fun!

1. Describe your personailty!
Nice, smart, friendly
Mean, rude, unfriendly
Intelligent, shy, kind
Popular, rude
sometimes kind and sometimes mean
A little kind and mostly rude
Happy, kind
I`m average
I don`t know
Randomize the results, please
2. What is your favorite color?
Bright colors!
A little of bright and a little of dark!
Dark colors
I don`t have a favorite color
I love all the colors!
3. What is your hobby?
Playing pranks on my family/friends!
Going outside
Time for gaming!
Play with my siblings!
I don`t know
Play with my pets
Eat some food!
Play sports
4. What pet would you like to get?
A bunny!!!
A puppy!!!
A cat!
A wolf!
I can`t pick!
Wild animals!
A dangerous animal!!!!
5. What do you think about this quiz?
I love it!
It`s ok
It`s alright
Randomize the results!
It`s alright
It`s a mix of good and bad
A little bit trashy
Most of the questions are bad but some are good
This quiz is just trash but I only like 1 question. :)
This is the worst quiz I ever taken! I will not take this quiz again!
6. What would you give to your crush?
His/her favorite animal
I got no idea
Prank him/her with celery and give them the real gift
Stuff animal
I don`t have a crush and I won`t give him/her anything if I have one!
7. What are some evil things you did?
Use up all the toilet paper and leave it
Prank people!
Don`t wash the dishes for a week
Don`t bring your dish to the counter after eating
Be lazy all day!
Play really loud music
Ignore family/friends
I never do anything evil!
8. Your sibling died because of a devil. What do you do?
Get revenge!
I don`t care
I don`t have a sibling
I`ll just forget about it
I am a devil and I now want to be a angel!
I`ll just say goodbye and leave her
9. What do you think the result will be at the end?
A angel!
A devil!
Half angel and half devil
Randomizion is the key!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,680
Created on:6/26/2019 9:47:43 PM
Made by:bunnycupcake

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