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Are you an acceptable human being?
Take this quiz to find out just how good of a person you truly are!

1. Do you like puppies and kittens?
I love them both! I want to hug all of the puppies and kittens! :D
I`m more of a kitten person, they`re just so cute! :D
I`m more of a puppy person, they`re so a-DOG-able! :D
I hate both of them, if I could I would brutally slaughter them on sight.
2. Are you a kind person?
Yes, everyone should be treated the way I would like to be treated! :D
Usually. I try to be nice to as many people as possible, just don`t get on my bad side.
No, I hate everyone. The human race is disgusting, and nobody deserves to live.
3. Do you care about the homeless?
Yes, when I see a homeless person, I do whatever is in my power to make their lives better!
Help them? I spit on them!
4. Have you ever contributed to the battle against starvation?
Yes, nobody deserves to suffer.
Yeah, I just ate.
5. Do you put yourself before others?
No, I care for everybody.
Of course! Humanity is a disease.

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Created on:3/6/2016 7:54:50 AM
Made by:ZachIsAWeeb

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