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Amelia Rules! Trivia Challenge
Test your knowledge of all things related to the Amelia Rules! comic book series.

1. What`s the name of Aunt Tanner Clark`s debut album?
Broken Record
Picket Fences
Tanner Rocks!
2. Ninja Kyle`s mom is known by the unflattering nickname of...
Skunk Breath
The Dark One
The Evil Anti-Tanner
El Lameo
3. Amelia McBride`s middle name is...
4. Rhonda Bleenie`s sister`s full name is...
Marina Bleenie
Renata Bleenie
Surina Bleenie
Edwina Bleenie
5. The names of the two farmers in "Softee Chicken" are...
Farmer Joe and Farmer Ed
Farmer Dan and Farmer Michael
Farmer Harold and Farmer Peabody
Farmer Joe and Farmer Peabody
6. Amelia`s mom`s first name is...
7. What`s the name of the town where the Ninjas operate?
Park Place
Long View Gardens
Park View Terrace
8. Amelia received her first ever kiss from...
Owen after the dance
Reggie, after a G.A.S.P. meeting
Pajamaman on Christmas morning
Kyle, after a funeral
9. What is Pajamaman`s superhero name?
Kid Lightning
Kid Dynamite
Kid Cool
10. Amelia`s favorite Beverage is...
A Chocolate Milkshake
A New York Egg Cream
Milk and Pepsi
Sparkling Water

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Created on:2/23/2008 2:35:20 AM
Made by:ameliarules

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