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Am I Normal?
Find out if you're normal or not. You may be surprised.

1. How much tv do you watch in a day?
I live in front of the tv. The tv is on all the time at my place!
4-5 hours a day, maybe
2-3 hours a day
An hour or less
Tv? I never watch tv. It rots your brain!
2. You`re idea of fun is...
Hanging out with friends, socializing, and just having fun
Playing sports is the most fun. Go team!
Being alone doing my own thing
Spending time with animals
Watching movies and tv is the best
Helping others
3. You pick your nose...
Yeah, and I`m proud of it!
Yes, but never in public!
No, gross!
4. The music I listen to...
Pop: One Direction, Justin Bieber, whatever`s in
Hard rock!!!
Jazz, the blues
I only like ONE SINGER.
5. Do you eat disgusting things for the enjoyment of grossing other people out?
Sometimes, just for a laugh
No, why would I do that?
6. What is the thing you`re best at?
Sports! I`m super athletic.
Singing or dancing.
School. I`m really smart.
Lookin` good : )
I`m not good at anything at all.
7. Will you take another of my quizzes (will not affect score)?
Yeah, why not?
Sure, I guess.
Nah, I have better things to do.
No way! I hated this quiz so far!

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Created on:1/14/2013 12:20:33 AM
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