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Am I Nice  or Do People Just Say I Am  quiz. Maybe no one comes up to your face and tells you you re mean  but it s possible that you re a jerk and no one tells you  See what kind of a person you are Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Am I Nice, or Do People Just Say I Am?
Maybe no one comes up to your face and tells you you're mean, but it's possible that you're a jerk and no one tells you. See what kind of a person you are.

1. You`re walking down the hall when some nerd runs into you, causing you to drop your books. You...
Yell at them and try to make them feel as bad as possible.
You get really mad and demand they help you pick your books up.
You say, "Hey! Watch where you`re going!" and pick your books up.
You mutter under your breath about the nerd and angrily pick your books up.
You see how sorry the nerd looks and smile at him saying, "It`s no problem." Then you head to class.
2. Someone makes fun of the way you look. You...
Start yelling and insult them back, making them really mad. Soon, it turns into a fistfight.
You dish out a comeback, and then walk way
You start crying and run into the bathroom for at least 20 minutes.
You glare at the bully and then walk away, talking about him behind his back.
You ignore him and offer him a cookie after school or help him with his homework.
3. The new girl in town comes out of the bathroom crying. You...
Make fun of her for not fitting in and tell her to go back to where she came from.
You don`t care at all. She`s not your friend.
You walk past her and say, "I hope you like this school."
You say, "I`m so sorry you`re sad. I`m sure whatever happened wasn`t that bad."
You ask her what happened, comfort her, exchange numbers, and then invite her to sit with you later.
4. While in line at the store, a man with two items cuts in front of you without asking. You...
Yell at the man, telling him how stupid he is and creating a huge scene.
You say, "Hey! I was here first! Go to the back of the line!"
You cut in front him or say, "I was here first. What the heck?"
You let him know he cut and ask to go in front of him.
You don`t mind at all. He only has 2 items! You let him cut and you don`t say anything.
5. Someone at school has the newest phone that you really want. You...
Steal it. You deserve to have it, after all.
Break it. If you can`t have it, no one can.
You demand to have it or bug them about using it.
You are constantly wanting to use it and you drive the owner of the phone nuts!!!
You ask to see it once and complement the person.
6. You find a wallet that has $500 in it. The wallet also has a man`s name on it and address. You...
Keep it. You also try to use all his credit cards. You throw away his library card.
You keep it. Finders keepers losers weepers.
You think for a while but in the end you keep it.
You take some stuff out of it, but you give most of the wallet back.
You give the man his wallet with every penny in it.
7. You`re at a play and the lead role slips and lands with a bucket on her head. You...
Laugh and point. This is funny stuff! You even throw the play bulletin at her.
You laugh really hard.
You try to conceal your laugh, knowing it`s rude, but you end up laughing just like everyone else.
You giggle and you and your friends talk about it afterwards.
You feel really bad for her and even try to tell those around you to stop laughing.
8. Your good friend farts in public. The whole class erupts in laughter. You...
Shout, "Eww!", make a face, laugh, and then tell him that you`re not friends anymore.
You laugh and point. Later you tell him never to do that again.
You try not to laugh but end up doing it anyways. Later you tell him it wasn`t THAT bad.
You do nothing. You don`t laugh, stand up for him, or even talk all. You just keep doing your work.
You stand up for your friend and later you hang out and get pizza.

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