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am I a wierd-o
are you weird or normal?

1. when yor talking to someone do you spontainiously say sonthing random?
somtimes ya to be funny
no that would just make for an akward combersation
2. do you like the chronicals of narnia or big fat liar better?
i`ve never heard of those titles befor
hate them bolth
3. when you eat pizza do you eat it with ranch or not
yes I eat it with ranch
no gross
i don`t like pizza because i have bad taste
4. Do you own any unfirmilar pets like lizzard,mice,taranchilla.ect.
yes I do there so cool
no creepy
i have no pets :-(
5. do your freinds call you wierd or the only normal one
they call me wierd
they say that i may be the worlds last hope for any normal person agian
I have no friends :-(
they don`t call me anything

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Created on:1/29/2018 6:18:33 PM
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