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Alien vs. Predator Survival Quiz
Can you survive the sharp clawed Aliens or the invisable Predators?

1. You are watching tv when a news report says they found dead people with holes in there chest and skinned what do you do?
Ignore it
Prepare for the worst
Gather as many people as you can and then prepare for the worst
2. You and your friends walk into your room and you see an egg on the roof what do you do?
Hit it with a broom stick
Sit there and wait for it to something to come out
Barricade and windows and lock door and leave
3. You go outside and see two roads, one leading to the city center and one leading to the site were to news report was, your friends want to go to the city center what do you do?
Persuade friends to come with you.
Leave them.
Cave in and go with them.
4. You and your friends split up and you come across a gun shop you have a choice of one weapon what do you take?
Automatic Rifle
Laser scope sniper
Rocket launcher
5. You are walking down a street when you see a whispy shape standing about 15 feet away from you what do you do?
Say hi
Take out the radio and call the marines, the ambush worked.
Shoot it till it drops.
Ignore it and move on.
6. Your walking when you see a alien about to rip a man to shreds how do you save him.
Shoot at it or make a lot of noise to get its attention then run.
Don`t save him, run while the alien is targeted on him.
Hit the alien off the man and tell him to come with you.
7. You and your friends meet up and they say they have a plan to steal the hospitle helicoppter will you go with them.
NO, I rather stay here and wait for help.
Best plan I heard all day
8. Your in the hospitle when a predalien jumps out of nowhere what do you do?
Ditch your friends and run.
Tell your friends to follow you and run for the hills.
Just keep shooting it
9. You are in the helicoppter when your best friend gets facehugged, he is still awake and begs you not to kill him what do you do?
Kill him, can`t risk this happening again.
Try to help him.
Say, I got a new best friend and throw him out of the helicoppter.
Kill yourself, can`t stand the pressure.
10. So...will you survive?(HAHAHA this does effect outcome>:)
Hell yea im immortal
No im pethetic

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Created on:7/20/2009 1:07:14 PM
Made by:Surviverguy

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