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Are you the Alien or the Predator?
Are you the hunter or the hunted?

1. Do you think that you could kill something in less then 15 seconds?
You bet I could
Well I would need more time then that
I`m not much of a killer
2. Would you like to keep the skulls of the things that you killed?
Yeah that would be sweet
No that`s not right a way that would be cool but I`ll pass
3. Do you want a tail as sharp as a knife?
Sure that`s cool
No thanks I don`t want a tail
4. Would you ever team up with someone different just so that you could destroy something that could destroy the world?
Yeah that would be cool
No thanks
Well it depends
5. Do you think human guns could kill a alien?
Yeah our guns would work
I don`t think that would work
6. Have you ever thought that you saw an alien?
7. Would put baby aliens inside humans?
Eww no

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Times Taken:4,444
Created on:4/14/2008 8:32:47 PM
Made by:Wheeljack

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