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Which Akatsuki member are YOU?
Find out which akatsuki member you are. From fictional anime, Naruto.

1. Your favorite saying is.
I`m a good boy.
Art is a blast!
It`sa bunch, muncha, cruncha human!
You don`t have enough hatred.
Understanding can only come from a shared pain.
True art lasts forever.
I am the word of god, heed my blessings.
Money, money, moneh!!!!!!
Fish are friends, not food.
2. Your hobbies include....
Making money.
Being as annoying as I can to my superiors.
I like origami.
Tinkering and playing around with my toys.
I like to sculpt. HMMN!!!!
Telling people what to do.
Messing with my younger siblings.
3. When being attacked, you...
Stare at the attacker till he faints.
Rip him to shreds with my big-ass sword.
Surround the enemy and take him down.
Blow his F***ing @$$ off!!!!!!!
Poison him, then watch him writhe in pain.
Give him a paper cut, then suffocate him while he cries like a wuss.
Run away. I don`t fight, I`m a good boy.
I will eat his heart, then sell the rest of his organs on the black market.
4. Your favorite food is...
Fast food, and whatever else is cheep.
I only eat what my religion dictates.
I like sugar. Lot`s of sugary sweets.
I like bland, papery food. I don`t like anything that tastes too extreme.
I don`t need to eat anymore. I have no stomach.
I used to eat Play-Do when I was little...
I don`t tell others what I eat. It`s a secret, like the rest of my life.
I love fish and seafood. Yum!!!!
I absorb hair-care products for sustanance.
5. Your hero is...
The lady on the shampoo commerials.
Jaws is my hero.
I am my own hero.
Leonardo Di`vinchi
Whoever invented babyback ribs. FROM REAL BABIES...
The paper boy. *sigh*
Willy Wonka
The highest bidder.
6. Your favorite color(s) is/are...
Green, like money.
Red and black, the colors of death.
Orange and pink!
Blue and white...
Red and brown.
Black and white.
Red, orange, yellow, and black. All the colors of a great big BOOM!!!!!
Dark and shadowy colors. ...and orange
Blue. And maybe seafoam green...
Red, black, and purple.
7. Your favorite animal is...
I like ravens and weasels.
The shark.
I prefer no animal.
Spiders, birds, and anything else I can sculpt.
I don`t like animals. Plants are more of my style.
The Scorpion.
I like butterflies.
Bunnies, and birdies, and...
I worship god, not these little animals used for hamburgers.
Cows, they can sell for tons.
8. People might call you...
overly Religous.
a Good Boy.
an Angel.
a Puppeteer.
a Cannibal.
an Artist... or a suicide bomber...
a Natural Born Leader.
Fish Face.
a Mind Rapist.
9. In school you were...
a child prodigy.
Fish face... (sob)
the class president.
the most troublesome kid in art class.
I got suspended for eating the teacher...
The kid always playing with his toys.
The one always throwing paper airplanes around.
I was a good boy.
the class bully.
that kid selling porn for Poke`mon cards.
10. If it weren`t for the Akatsuki, your ideal job would be...
Business man.
High preist.
The Leader of the Lollipop Guild.
The first Female Vice President.
A master Puppeteer.
A gardener.
A suicide bomber.
The Ruler of the World.
The Son of JAWS...
A hypnotist.
11. Which mythical creature best identifies with you?
An angel.
a Titan.
...was it Shark Demon or Demon Shark? I want to be politically correct.
The possesed dolls and puppets in ghost stories.
The Beast with a Million Mouths.
Venusaurus Rex
a Zombie.
a Vampire.
The Lollipop from HELL...

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