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what Akatsuki member are you? for boys and girls
What infamous Rogue Ninja are you?

1. how do you kill?
I don`t! I`m a good boy!
WIth my Genjustu...I trap and bind them.
I blow them to pieces!
hehehe...I eat them...
I stuff `em, and make `em into maronettes...
any way I please.
Oragame butterflies...
feh. I don`t need this. I NEED MONEY!!!!!
Chop and rip `em!
Slice and dice.
2. If you can apon a dead Akatsuki member, what`d you do?
Eat thier corpse!
pass it by. it means nothing.
make it into a puppet.
take it`s ring, so I can join the Akastuki!!
stare, then walk away.
heh. what pethetis Akatsuki would let it`s gaurd down?!
I`d search it for MONEY!!
Why would I do anything to a dead body? It`s already f#$%ed.
I don`t know. hmmm.
3. why do you want to be in the Akatsuki?
To make friends!
...to get vengence against my village.
becuase....i felt like it.
hehehe. Lets just say, I killed the Kazekage.
For power.
the MONEY!
I do it for the art, hmmm.
WHAT THE !@#$ MAN! I mean, really!
to get back at the people of my village.
I don`t know. to eat people.
4. what possesions can you give to the Akatsuki?
Kekkie Genkia. SHARINGAN!!!!
I big blade.
Ooh! Tobi knows! My goggles.
Art. do you like art? hmmm?
I can eat people. how`s that?
I can turn itno paper.
I`m the leader, you should be asking THEM! (points)
A bla- hey! Kisame! what the !@#$you little fish!!
My Puppet body.
5. so. who did you think you got?
Ohh! Tobi got Tobi! Tobi knew it....
(snaps) don`t get too close. I might chop your balls off!!!!
A great puppetere.
dammit, my clay. hm.
I`ll find out. wait, do I get any MONEY?
I`m free Willie!
....I`m hungry......

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