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After Ike
Hi guyz i'm back with part 2 of 2 of the hurricane Ike quiz.

1. Ok so if you have not taken my first hurricane Ike quiz yet take it now.
i already have
ok i`ll go do that
2. On firday night hurricane Ike hit us 1:14.
go on
awwwe man
3. I was the last one in my family to wake up from the storm. Out the window i saw the trees swirling from the huge gusts of wind. debree was flying everywhere.
that`s not scary
4. My dad told us to go back to sleep. but everytime a the trees shook feriously i just couldn`t. I was afraid a tree was going to fall on top of us.
i can understand that
your crazy!
5. About an hour later, the eye can over us. My dad went outside to see how bad it was. This was the chance for me and my sis to get back to sleep, and we did.
6. Morning came finally and it was still raining but not that bad. We had no electricity ofcoarse. But something came into my mind that night.
7. That this was the first time ever that i had been scared of a hurricane. Every other hurricane that has come here was small or missed us. I was scared! And for you people who think i am just being a baby shouldn`t be talking because you weren`t there
ya your right
8. But the thing that scared me modt is probably that no matter what we do we can`t control this thing. Natrual disasters are so wild and big there is nothing we can do to stop it.
ya bank robbers and terrorists you can but not this
that`s deep
9. But me,my family and everyone in my town are ok. Can`t say the same for Galveston or Baytown. They are flooded. Anyone from there reading this i wish you luck.
10. The pictures that you have seen are ones from my backyard. Thanks for taking my quiz.
your welcome and i`m glad your safe.

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