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How Adventurous are you?
I'm not really that adventurous..... take this quiz to find out if you are adventurous.

1. It`s time to go rock climbing. You....
Get strapped in! I love rock climbing!
Look at people do it and then decide if you want to do this
Just watch - I`m too scared!
2. Has anyone called you a coward or a wimp?
No way - I`ll try anything!
Once - but it didn`t hurt my feelings
Yes - plenty of times
3. When it comes to hairstyles, you....
Stick with the same thing
Try something a little different but not completely out there
Get something completely different and maybe even get a mohawk!
4. Tattoos are....
Not for me
Look awesome - but I don`t want to have something on my body my whole life, I`ll just draw on myself
Awesome! I`ve got some!
Great - I`m going to get one when I`m allowed
5. Have you ever road a motorbike?
Yes - it was so fun!
No - I don`t want to, it looks too dangerous!
No - but I want to!

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Times Taken:1,986
Created on:2/18/2009 7:06:32 PM
Made by:Clara2340

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