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Date with Link four
Just a nice calm ride around Romani Ranch... ;)

1. Link shows up around ten o` clock in the morning. "Good morning!" He says cheerfully, handing you a jar. "Smash it!" He says.
Smash it! Duh!
Look at him weirdly.
Kiss him..!
Inspect the jar.
Be very confused.
Slowly smash it..
Set it down gently.
2. He laughs when you smash it open. Inside, there is a silver rupee!! (Worth 100 rupees)
Kiss him!
Hug him!
Thank him profusely!
Throw it away.
Spend it immediately!
Save it!
3. You put it inside your house, and Link tells you the plan for the day. "I thought that we should visit Romani ranch, and see the cows and whatnot. There`s also doggie racing!"
"That sounds cool!"
"Ugh, do I HAVE to go?"
"I don`t really want to... But ok..."
You kiss Link..
You hug Link.
4. Link plays the song of soaring, while you hold onto him. You arrive on milk road and and walk to the ranch. Except there is a boulder in the way.. "Someone was up to no good, and blocked the road to the ranch!"
"Oh no!!"
That`s ok, more time with Link!
Ugh. *rolls eyes*
Whispers to Link: "Do you have any powder kegs?"
5. Link pulls out a powder keg, (illegally!! Only Gorons are allowed to handle them!) and blows it up!! Yehaw!
*rolls eyes*
*is silent*
"Cool!" :D
6. A cute-faced little girl runs up to you as you enter the ranch. "Hi! I`m Romani! I was given the same name as the ranch! I`m preparing for THEM right now." She says seriously.
"Who are `them`?"
*rolls eyes*
*is too distracted by Link`s eyes*
7. "Every year, around carnival time, ghosts show up and abduct our cows! Will you help me?" Romani askes.
"No, Link and I are busy."
"Of course!"
8. Romani lends you a mule, Link rides Epona, and you both practice your archery. There are ghost shaped balloons all over the field and next to the barn. You..
Split up and each cover half the field.
Just do your own thing.
Stand side by side and shoot together.
Work as a team, both of you circling the barn.
9. They came!!!
Oh dear..! Did I practice enough? Am I ready?!
Bring it on!
Stay calm.
10. You and Link go outside.. And there are hundreds of lights! Slowly approaching the barn!
Stay calm and shoot them.
Freak out!!
Bring it on!!
11. One somehow sneaks past you and is about to enter the barn! But Link is being overwhelmed by ghosts!
Quickly shoot the one entering the barn, and then help Link.
Just shoot the one going for the barn.
Just help Link. (It`s just one ghost..)
Nothing. You care about nothing.
12. Please rate and comment!! :D
*kisses Link*
*hugs Link*
Yay it`s over!!

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Created on:4/5/2017 8:42:04 PM
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