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Which Ace Attorney Lawyer Are You  quiz. If there s one thing Ace Attorney has taught people  it s that lawyers don t have to be boring  greedy people  Which of these attorneys is closest to your personality  Are you laid back but trustworthy  like Phoenix  Or are you sly and cunning  like Edgeworth Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Ace Attorney Lawyer Are You?
If there's one thing Ace Attorney has taught people, it's that lawyers don't have to be boring, greedy people. Which of these attorneys is closest to your personality? Are you laid-back but trustworthy, like Phoenix? Or are you sly and cunning, like Edgeworth?

1. Besides your favourite colour, which colour do you think would suit you?
Purple or green; secondary colours rule!
Red, or something close.
Some shade of blue.
White or black; they highlight my simplicity.
2. A friend of yours has made a small mistake involving you. How do you react?
Rant on to them about how you`ve ruined their day.
Shrug it off. You have bigger things to worry about.
Make a witty remark to let them know you`re not amused.
3. In contrast to the last question, your friend has now made a huge mistake that devastates you. Your reaction is...
Gasp in shock, but eventually calm down.
Hold it over their heads and ridicule them for the next few days for it.
Completely explode; what an incompetent idiot!
Keep your cool for now, but later get revenge on them.
Look completely down and tell them straight-on what they`ve done.
4. People often consider you...
An overreactor.
Snobby and critical.
Slow-witted and quick to miss things.
Too wordy and insulting.
5. You`re chosen to be part of a debate. Which role do you fulfill?
One of the sides.
Choose one side, but maybe switch over to the other later on.
6. You notice your friend looks upset because of your reaction from earlier.
Just walk away. You`re ashamed of hurting them.
Try entertaining them. Making them laugh is a good thing, right?
Outright state your apology. It`s the best thing to do.
Leave them there. It was their fault to begin with.
Try saying something to cheer them up.
7. Later that day, you see your friend being ridiculed by someone. Of course, you...
Just stand there and watch. They deserve it for earlier.
Tell the other guy to back off. He has no right abusing your friend!
Challenge the guy to a fight. He`s not going to even think of doing this again after!
Calmly try to break the two up. The power of words is on your side!
Break the two up and try to sort out their differences. The more friends the better, right?
8. You`re at a shopping complex. On a TV at the electronics store, the news reports that a hurricane is about to ravage your town. People begin to panic, and you...
Panic as well.
Try calming the others down.
Simply keep your cool. All you have to do is move away before the storm hits.
Calm everyone down and tell them to move out before the storm.
Make sure all your friends and family in the area will be alright.
9. What are you most afraid of, out of these?
Not being able to protect those you care for.
Making the wrong decisions.
What people think of me as a person.
Breaking promises.
10. When asked for help, it`s usually...
To be a leader.
Helping with something logical.
For advice.
To protect others.
11. And with that... this quiz is adjourned.
Eleven questions!? That`s an odd number! Imperfect!
You are found Not Guilty.
I hope you see the importance of evidence in this quiz!
Good quiz, Herr Quizzer.
Beautiful; rich in words, yet as simple as a leaf.
Next time, try coming up with a legitimate answer, okay, Myth?
It`s over... We made it!
I need some hair gel...
Logic is the best way to take a quiz.

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