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A Wolf s Quest    episode   part    quiz. Hella Quiztron  Shay s here with the  th epicode of  quot A Wolf s Quest quot  In this barrior breaking oddesy SpringBreeze Jagged Lightning must discover desires that have no end inorder to survive perrils from beneath Join SoalClan on their heart throbbing venture through a calling of the Wild Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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A Wolf`s Quest (episode 4 part 1)
Hella Quiztron!!Shay's here with the 4th epicode of "A Wolf's Quest".In this barrior breaking oddesy,SpringBreeze/Jagged Lightning must discover desires that have no end inorder to survive perrils from beneath.Join SoalClan on their heart-throbbing venture through a calling of the Wild!

1. (me: hey,ready to return to the epilocity of SoalClan?!)
Hell yeah!!!!!!
2. (me:then lets go!) OceanWaves stood her ground and intenceified her glare apon DarkNight untill he was out of sight before dismissing the clan meeting.She then licked ArticAngel`s cheak,letting her know that she was to forever support her.
*pokes spiderweb*
oh gawd.....
3. ArticAngel,shakeing,turnes twords were DarkNight vanished and narrows eyes."I`m not going to let SoalClan die."Hearing this,you prick your ears and smack your brother."Hey!What was that for?!"He asked.You say......
"Listen,we gotta do something!" "But what!?!"he asks."What ever we can" you answer,determind.
"nothing,it was just for fun!!" he scowels and hits back."Ok,that`s it!!" then a playfight starts.
"Did you hear that?!?" ..."No,what?!"SpiderWeb began searching for randome noises.
4. "Hey!SpiderWeb,JaggedLightning/SpringBreeze!!Your mentores wish to take you out with them on a patrole to secure our return to our spring/summer temporary camp on the other edge of the forest.You Wild enough?!?"
HECK YES!!!HECK YES!!!!!!! o3o .......can we go now!?!
*thinks hard* dunno......
No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to sleep for at least 5 minnutes I mean god,do we have to ?!?
5. Your father nodded before fetching CloudySky and PineForest,reporting your answer.PineForset ,delighted as ever,seemed to be CloudySky`s opposite mood.She never made errect eye contact with BadgerFang or enyone sence her mate made that sene.
someone`s down in the dumps....
She`s retarded for takeing DarkNight as her mate!!!I mean he`s a dumb @$$ and SOOO uglly!!!!!
*jumpos up and down* Were moveing on up,yay!moveing on up,to the east side!!!! xD
6. So off you went,joined by your brother,his mentore,your mentore,and SummerHeat on a treck that appeared to streach for miles."This is gunna take forever" your brother complained.SummerHeat took the place of CloudySky in explaining otherwise.
*grabs snacks* hmm....why am I allwase hungrey?!?
*thinks* ish tired......*daydreams of sleeping in the nursery,safe in warm*
let`s just get this over with please!!!
7. "Were going to need to send one of us back to the fall/winter temp.camp to give the others our ok to begin evacuation."PineForest sudgested,once SummerHeat finnished promiseing that this was an easy and swift journey to make.
Oh shiz,....don`t tell me that I`m gunna have to do this!!..*sighs* but I know I am....
what we talkin` about!?!
8. "I agree."CloudySky put in,"I`ll do it!" She then raced back to the fall/ winter temp. camp without waiting for a reply of you and the other three."Uh...ok then.."Exclaimed SpiderWeb.Soon to be fallowed by the rolling of your eyes.
he`s sutch a lazy pup...
that was weird,...she just took off!Like,out of noware!.... ._.
9. "Well,.."PineForest started."Let`s go on,shall we?!" He awaits the responses when your hair began to stand on end.Wide eyed,you gaze in every derection,makeing shure you and your small band of clanmates weren`t being watched.
oh snapperz...... o$o ...we have stalkers!!!!
ok ,this is weird.
10. But to late,a massive shadow launched for SummerHeat.his target wailed as he was pressed into the rubble,the shadow`s identity being revealed by the moon`s light.BlackHole stood majesticlly,pushing his front-right paw down on SummerHeat`s cheast.
HOLLY SHIZ!!!!!WTF IS HE DOIN` ON SUMMERHEAT MAN!!!! .....that`s just not right....
>.< not him again!!
11. SummerHeat groweld and pawed at the air,strugeling to move.PineForest`s eyes widend."BlackHole?!" The legond released SummerHeat and annonced that he ment no harm.
yeah,like we would beleive you!!
oh holly crap!His eyes are focused and shiney!!It is the night of the end of the world!!!!!
12. PineForest made his way over to SummerHeat,keeping an uncertain gaze apon BlackHole,afraid he`ll take advantage of their trust in his word and attack."Relax,I`ve come here by my own will to assist you."
In doing what?!
right,and we`re rabbits! *said sarcasticlly*
........ o.o ......... hey,how is it that SpiderWeb is being so odlly quiet ?!?!
13. SummerHeat then got up,panting."Then what was that!?!" BlackHole sighed."Due to my latest appearence,I wasn`t shure if you`d consider me an enemy or not.Therefore,resulting in my entrance. "
*stares of into space*
(o.o) / () () / (^ ^) / = 3 parts of a bunney that I`m dying to eat once we reach our destination!!
14. PineForest steped back before slightly dipping head in respect."I`m pretty shure my clanmates and I don`t want eny violence,nor do we expect eny."BlackHole smiled and did the same.
yayzz!We can move on before my legs fall off....d@mn I`m tired....
what just happend?
oh yeah,...
15. SummerHeat scuffled his feet in annoyance.You noticed, barelly catching it by the corner of your right eye.You were about to sudjest getting a move on,but SpiderWeb beat you."Hey,...can we get going?!Please?!?"
Yes,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great,thanks!Now we have to walk more!CAN`T YOU IDIOTS SEE THAT I`M TIRED!?!?!?
does he have to pee or some thing?!
16. BlackHole`s left ear pricked, trying to understand SpiderWeb`s urgency.PineForest then arose from his bowed position and nodded.You couldn`t help but feel like danceing,strideing alongside powerfull and/or respected warriors.
ha.ha!Take that ......uh..... uh.....who am I talking to again?!?
what?No,no,no,the only powerfull AND respected wolf here is megh!!!
17. "So,what made you deside to join us?!" SummerHeat called over to BlackHole.You expected to see him pause or jerk,in suprise that the question was asked but it seemed like he didn`t notice,BlackHole just kept on walking."Uh,hello?!"
Is he deaf or something?!
*tummy grumbles* shiz...
*yawns* ish so.....so.....so d@mn tired....
18. You start to wonder if he herd."Uh...BlackHole,right?!" He softly laughed ."Yeah?" "SummerHeat is trying to ask you a question,sir..."BlackHole then looked back over his broad shoulders."what question?"Before SummerHeat could respond,you.....
jump up and down."Oh my gosh,oh my gosh,oh my gosh!!!"
falll on your side,fast asleep.
19. The others stoped as an imedeate reaction.PineForest .....
picks up up from the scruff,gentlly shakes you and set`s you on the ground again.
run`s over to you,conserned and confused.
twitches."What is your problem?!?" you bounce over to him. "I gotta potty!"
20. BlackHole`s ears prick,in every direction.SummerHeat noticed and rolled his eyes."Now what?!" BlackHole takes one quick glance at him before turning to PineForest."We need to get the kids up a tree,now!!" SpiderWeb`s eyes widend."What?!"
*snores* hmm...*wakes up* what!?! *falls back asleep*
21. BlackHole gentlly picked up SpiderWeb by his scruff,then raced twords you and PineForest."A storms brewing,and fast.Help me get them up the nearest tree!"PineForest nodded and set you down in the thick scruff of his neck,hopeing you would cling on.
Cling on,I shall!!!
ok....what,I`m actully supposed to do it?!
Why hide me?I love rain!!! *sees lightning* pretty!!!!!
22. BlackHole,Followed closelly by PineForest,and SummerHeat leap into the nearest oak tree."Great,now what!?"PineForest asks as he pants.BlackHole lays you and your brother down in a bed of tree moss and leaves."Dunno yet.."SummerHeat laughs."Great!"
"wha?!" you slowlly wake up,warmed by BlackHole`s breath.
feeling warm and secure,you fall deeper asleep.
you let your ears flatten.Scared that no one knows the way home...
23. Suddenly,you awake/hear a familiar voice."We know your up there..." (to be continued with a part 2)
FINNALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it`s over!!!!! Yes,yes......*sighs in realif*
aaaaaaawwwwwwww d@mnit....
what part 2?!.....

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