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A Walk in a Daydream
A quiz in story form. Tells you your way of thinking based on your answers.

1. You`re walking slowly across an open feild. You`ve been there for a long time now and are starting to realize that you`re probably not getting home anytime soon. It`s getting dark. What do you do?
Lay down and go to sleep. There`s no way I`m going to find anything in the dark.
Keep going. Maybe I`ll get there by morning...maybe...
Retrace my steps. Maybe if I find where I started from, I can try a different way of getting back.
2. Whatever you decided to do, you still haven`t gotten home by the next day. You see the shadow of a person in the distance. How do you approach him/her?
Quickly, eagerly. They`ll probably be able to help.
Slowly, cautiously...there`s something weird about that person...
Slowly but friendly. Hopefully, I can get directions from them.
3. You approach them from behind. When they turn around, you can clearly see that the person is an angel. What was the dead give away?
the wings
the halo
it`s floating ten feet in the air! what else could it be?
4. The atmosphere begins to change. How?
It`s getting darker and clouds are setting in...there`s a storm coming.
Clouds disappear and it gets sunnier...there`s a sense of peace around me
I begin to realize that I was obviously dreaming because this is impossible, and the dream is fading
5. The angel lights up a path for you. It doesn`t tell you where the path leads to. What do you do?
Go in the opposite direction. I don`t trust this angel.
Follow the path. An angel wouldn`t lead me in the wrong direction, right?
Follow the path. The sooner I get out of this dream, the better!
6. The path disappears. What do you do?
I don`t care about the path; I wasn`t following it anyway.
Try guess at which way the path was going.
Turn around. Go back to my original plan of retracing my steps.
7. You fall asleep as it starts to get dark again. You wake up in your bed. What`s running through your mind?
That angel must have carried me back!
I should have known it wasn`t real...
Finally! I was beginning to think I`d never wake up!
8. OK, it`s time to wake up from your daydream. How did you like the quiz?
I loved it!
It was...weird
I hated it!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:1,624
Created on:7/26/2008 5:03:58 PM
Made by:shinyrocks

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