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A twist on the old `Date Me` quiz [For duuudes]
If you lose, I would date you, if you win I wouldn't! (e)

1. What is NOT your hair color? [pick the one that your color is not in]
2. How tall are you NOT? [pick the group that doesn`t have your hieght]
3. What color do you HATE?
Dark colors
Bright colors
4. Where would you NOT want to go on a date?
Somewhere traditional like dinner and a movie! It`s boring!
Somewhere crazy and unsual like skydiving or bungee jumping! It scares me!
Somewhere `romantic` like watching the sunset on the beach! It`s too sweetsy for me!
Somewhere like the house! It`s too personal!
5. Where would you draw the line on a first date?
I wouldn`t want to do anything!
Hugging/holding hands!
I don`t draw the line!!
6. How much do you HATE people who care about looks?
I don`t hate them, I am one!
I HAAAATE THEM!!!!! grr...
I couldn`t care less either way....
7. What stereo-type would you not be able to stand to have your girlfriend be?
8. Do you NOT play sports?
Nope, I don`t....
Yep, I do...
I have played them before...
9. Did you HATE this quiz?
Yes! I hated it!
No! You seem really cool!
I couldn`t care less....
10. Will you NOT comment or rate?
I won`t comment OR rate!
I will rate not comment
I will comment not rate
I will do both!

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Times Taken:1,742
Created on:7/4/2007 5:57:07 PM
Made by:quiz_a_lot

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