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A story.......
Discover the outcome!(Sorry for all of the spelling mistakes. My keyboard is sucky)

1. You wake up in your bedroom by a noise. that noise was.........
It was my stalker.
It was a beautiful fairy princess.
It was the wind
It was just the wind.. No! Wait! It was some kind of goblin thing.
2. Once you open your eyes, you see a door that wasn`t there before. What is your first reaction?
*shrieks* Daddy!!!!!
Ah! Cool!
What the .......
Must be a dream...............
3. You decide to have fun with it. How do you open the door?
You swing it wide open.
You hold your breath, and open it slowly.
You panic, so you turn around, and you trip, which opens the door.
You open the door so slow, that it takes you 15 minutes to do so.
4. What is on the other side of the door?
Nothing. Just empty space.
A meadow, with a blue sky.
That same meadow, except this one is on fire.
A zoo, except all of the anmals are upside down... What?
5. When you reach the other side, you see a rabbit. What do you do.
ooo.A rabbit. Big deal. You continue looking around.
You chase it.
You follow it, but slowly
You hop along with it.
6. If you followed the rabbit, it leads you to a lake. You look into the water and see...
Your reflection.
A school of fish.
Mysterious depths, the unknown.
I didn`t follow the rabbit.
7. If you didn`t follow the rabbit, Which way do you take your steps?
I followed the rabbit
8. You come across a wierd looking tree. What is it`s shape?
The kind you mistake as a witch outside of your bedroom window.
A giant flower.
An arrow.
A spider.
9. You see some sort of monster in the distance. Which way do you run?
10. North- You run into a jungle. What is the fist sound you hear?
A lion.
Birds chirping
A bulldozer.
I didn`t run North
11. South- You come upon a Dinosaur. What is your reaction.
Scream and run North.
Fight it.
Kneel and pray.
I didn`t run south
12. East- You come upon a feild of pickles. What is your reaction?
I didn`t run east
13. West- You come upon another door. Do you go through it?
No Way!
Ummm... Let`s see.
I didn`t go West
14. You come acroos a river (no matter whichway you ran). Which way do you follow it?
15. Left- You pass a stange figur as you are walking. Who is it?
My mom!
A deon-looking thing
Just as random shadow.
I went right.
16. Right- You come across a crop. What is growing?
I went left
17. It takes you fifteen minutes start back to where you started. You now see a bridge. I`ll tell you how and if you cross it. Ok?
Yup. Hope all goes well.
uhhh... Not so sure I trust you....
K. Let me double check my answers first though.(Me- Don`t change them. You cannot change the past)
Mhmm. Whatever.

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Created on:7/1/2008 10:55:27 PM
Made by:dutto5678

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