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A Story im making
Be Truefull and Comment please ^^

1. This is you (Girls)
2. This is you (boys)
3. your walking threw school looking at the new places and things all a suddent you walk into this big thing not jst any ordinary thing is was,,,
omg wat!!
wat is it!!
4. You Say sorry i dint see you there he just looks at you Blankley *Your Cheeks Turn Red* well bye you say and you run insted on walking behind a corner the bell rings you look at your timtable you have Science First,
5. He is siting by him self your late!! Sam (your name) sorry you say the teacher makes you sit next to *him* the teacher starts to write the boering basic stuff on the bored
6. He Turns to you and says do you have a pencil or pen i can borrow u say yes *and hands him the pencil* Your Fingers Toutch you get the warm and ButterFly Feeling you just stare blankly and give him the pencil then turn the other way
7. He turns to you and says *Hi My names Chris* you turn around and say hi my names Sam the teacher turns around (SAM,CHRIS DENTENTION AT LUNCH) Dammit you say Chris says im sorry you say its not your fault
Please Comment or rate its like 12:06 and im Tierd So tell me if it was good or wat eva ^^

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Created on:2/20/2010 7:44:13 AM
Made by:Pieforme

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