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"A step into my world" Who would you be?
Exactly what it says above.

1. In two ways, how do you describe yourself?
Brat, short-tempered
Calm, hard to read (emotions)
Perfect, cares for friends deeply
2. A saying that you would most likely say? (may not be a saying, but it`s whatever you would pretty much say or whatever)
Bring it on B**** / Go to H*ll
You are like a rose / Nobody deserves pain or sadness, no matter how mislead they are
I can help you, pushing aside my own problem for you / I will not let you be sad
3. What do you look like? (whatever is closest)
Brown, curly hair / green eyes / average height
Straight, black hair / dark green eyes / pale skinned
Curly, dirty blonde hair / blue eyes / tanned skin
4. Do you have any abilites?
Nope, just another human
cat- demon I can let show anytime I want
Viddion (a person who can move the blood in living beings)
5. Do you never smile?
Nope. Dead serious ... anyways
Anyways! can`t go one day without smiling!
Most of the time just a smirk. Rarely ever smile
6. How about cry?
I do ... sometimes
I`m always happy and if something is REALLY depressing, then I will
Don`t even try. I never do. Never (Me: O_o
7. Are you patient?
Yeah. I can stay calm even through the most infiriating moments
All the time. I`m so short-tempered!
8. Can you take pain?
Of coarse. I am a Viddion family member after all. I`m trained that way
I can, yes. But only when cut deeply does it then get serious
I can get hurt WAY too easily
9. Do you believe in magic/fantasy/supernatural worlds?
Well ... maybe magic
Well ... maybe fantasy
Well ... maybe supernatural
10. Where would you sleep? (just say that where ever it is, it`s comfortable nomatter what)
in a high tree outside the house
In a large silk blanketed bed
Up on the roof where you look up at the stars
11. KIND of songs you like?
Get down with the sickness by disturbed
numb by linkin park
all about us by tatu
12. Fighting style?
Speed and keep enemy confused with my logic
Recklessness (is that even a word?) and fight with all your might
Stay a good distance away with arrows ready

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Created on:4/5/2009 7:41:26 PM
Made by:Mistheart

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