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A sample of my story  quot A step into my world quot   quiz. I don t want to go write the story a bunch of times for people who asked for it  sooo     I decided to do this  I warn you  it s a bit long Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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A sample of my story "A step into my world".
I don't want to go write the story a bunch of times for people who asked for it, sooo ... I decided to do this. I warn you, it's a bit long

1. You wake up in a forest. It`s odd, since you were just at home listening to "Numb" by linkin park. You see that you are leaning up against a tree on the ground. A girl around your age (16) come from the other side of the tree, smiling down on you.
(no click!)she`s like this but her hair is curly and she`s wearing, grey hoodie with red vest.
Cool *smile*
Not bad *cough* crap *cough*
2. She brings you to a large house when you tell her how you got there. She is suprised at hearing this. You are amazed at her amazing speed of running as you are carried on her back. When you get there, she tells you to turn away and when you look back
what?! *jumps up and down*
Boring! Me: *stands next to you but dosen`t looks at you. shot gun at head and .. yeah*
3. the doors are blasted down onto the ground. You walk into the entrace room to see a black haired male arounf your age leaning against the top of the stair case with one leg up, head up, arms crossed, and dark green eyes...
Sounds hot! *I`ll be fair to the boys* / sounds like a cool guy
Blah blah blah *Me: Ok that`s it! *grabs kunai and puts up against throat* I`ll give u a chance
4. Drake (the person you met) tells you about what you are. Apparently, you are a Viddion person who can move the blood in living beings, but you can`t use it yet, since your skills arn`t strong enough yet. *It fast forwards a few months*
Sweet *raises hand and raises paents in the air. Muhahaha!! (Me: O.o)
Still pretty cra- (Me: *slices throat* warned ya. *throws body in lake*
5. You get up after being knocked down again by Morgan. She yells at you to get back up. "I`m trying". "No you`re not! I could do a hundred times better then you!" She trained you this way for the past few months. She says it was to make you stronger.
*dont click* I based Morgan on my personality. What happens next tell u y u should NEVER get me mad!
Mad much, but stil cool. Makes it interesting
... (Me: Ha you`re dead. You can`t talk sucker!!)
6. You look up at her when you hear her growl. Her cat-like claws and fangs start growing in frustration. Before you can get away, she site on top of you, prearing to strike at your face with the claws. But...
You scare me. It`s neat though
..... (me: the silence is lovely) (you: not quite) (Me: Bloody hell?!?!)
7. Drake comes out of nowhere`s and slaps her hard (around 10 meter away!). "Are you alright?" He asks cooly and calmly. You look at Morgan to see her turn away and run into the woods. "She`ll come back" He says. "I hope", you think sad about her.
Aww. I wonder what mad her like that. She was nice before
Haha Think you can get rid of me?! (Me: Yep. *pulls out katana* Bring it on *****
8. I hope you like it so far. I wonder if Ican make a story out of something else. The second choices on each question gave a bit of an idea. Do you think I should try it?
I liked it/ You should try it
Yeah right. Go burn in **** (Me: How about you *Prepares katana*

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