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.A really good quiz.
idk if it really is. tell me what u think

1. what word do you like best out of these?
BBQ lambs [idk what im doing]
2. Do you eat peanut butter?
umm yes?
oh yea baby!
3. do you have a wii?
im out of here.....
4. Do you find me annoying?
YESSSD! [yesssd?]
no ur awsome!
5. Do you think chucking eggs at kids is funny?
lolz yea!
umm no....
6. Do you think grasshoppers are cool?
yea! man!
ewwwww! no! [girly girl]
7. Do you think Black or White are awsome colors?
nethier dumb ass
8. Do you like to pull pranks on people?
no! its mean!
yea! its funny!
u should die
9. idk im bored. these were random questions.....
i liked it!
yea it sucked
10. rate comment.....
i will rate good and comment good
i will rate bad and comment bad

About This Quiz
Times Taken:3,091
Created on:6/1/2009 11:16:27 AM
Made by:Bones_Fungus

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