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A normal, dramatic life in RippleClan...part 2
here we go!

1. "My name is Night," you say. The tom`s eyes looked gentle, "Well, Night, why are you in RippleClan territory?"
"Cause I can!"
"I was hungery, leaf-bare is here so I need help."
2. Let`s say you tell him the truth. "We will be happy to let you join my Clan, we will not let any cat starve. But that`s up to you,"
"I`ll be happy to join!"
I`ll have to think about it
3. "Well, we will give you a proper name tomorrow." he starts to walk out. "Don`t you want to tell her name?" Fireblaze stops him. "I`m Spiderstar, Night"
"It`s a pleasure to meet you."
*dips head*
Peace out!
4. The next day you hear Spiderstar`s voice call, "All cats old enough to catch their own prey join here benth the Hightree for a Clan meeting."
Go join them
stay put
5. "Today we are here to have a cat that will join RippleClan." lots of nervous and shocked mews echoed around the clearing. Some give you angry glares
hide your face
look around like its not you
stand strong!
6. "Night, please step forward," you walk shyly up in front of him, "Night, you`re fighting skills with Dawnspots have shown that you are truly a warrior. From this moment on you will be know as Nightheart. MoonClan honors you for your skills," he smile
Nightheart! Such a pretty name!
7. Darktail comes up to you, "Hey, Nightheart, I was wondering," he looked unconfortable, "would you go hunting with me?"
ok... (remember stay calm cool collected around someone you like)
8. Sorry its so short, but part 3 is coming out soon!
that`s OK ur still awesome! (me: oh thx!)
end this!

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Created on:11/27/2009 7:45:11 PM
Made by:sliverpaw

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