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A normal  dramatic life in RippleClan   part   quiz. starring  Nightheart  Darktail  and Dawnspots  The quiz about RippleClan rocked  so to reward all those who took it    my own warriors book  inspired by     aaaa Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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A normal, dramatic life in RippleClan...part 1
starring: Nightheart, Darktail, and Dawnspots. The quiz about RippleClan rocked! so to reward all those who took it... my own warriors book! inspired by 2222aaaa

1. This (<-) this you, Nightheart:
im bored
2. This (<-) is the deputy, Darktail
thats one good lookin deputy...
3. This (<-) is Darktail`s once-mate, Dawnspots.
I wish I was her....
she`s hot!
4. You were once a rogue, but when Leaf-bare settled in you were unable to hunt for yourself; so you found RippleClan.
I WAS A ROGUE!!!!!!!!
5. Well... RippleClan found you. Darktail was leading a potrol when they found you on their territory, Dawnspots threated to drive you out but Darktail refused to let her.
i wish they would have driven me out...
...what am I feeling?
6. Darktail decides they take you to Spiderstar. On the way Dawnspots attacks you.
run to Darktail for cover!
kill her! mwahaha!
7. Darktail sees that you are badly injured, he offers to take you to Fireblaze, the medicane cat.
Walk away
8. Let`s say you accept, a big brown tom comes into the Fireblaze`s den. "Greetings, Fireblaze. Who is this?" he looks down at you.
Introduce myself
lay down
don`t say anything!
9. Let`s also say you say nothing, Fireblaze looks down at you, "What is your name?"
"I don`t have a name..."
"Leave me alone"
10. Part 2 is coming out soon!

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Created on:11/27/2009 2:01:13 PM
Made by:sliverpaw

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