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Would you be a good parent
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1. Your baby is crying you.....
Go throw it out the window
Tell your partner
Put it in the basement
Take care of the baby your self
Drug the baby
Go back to sleep
2. Your two year old is playing at the edge of the pool you.....
Let them fall in
Move them over a little
Get a gate put around the pool so they don`t get hurt
Watch them play
3. Your 6 year old wants to join gymnastics you.....
Say no you have no talent
Ignore the question
Say of corse
Maybe when your a little older
4. Your 10 year old daughter brought her 1st boyfriend home you.....
You spy on them at the pool threw the window
You say oh a new flea bag great
Oh nice to meet you I`m (Y/N)
You tell the dog to attack (me:idk why you would do that)
5. Your 14 year old son was caught smoking in the boy bathroom at school you.....
Smile and say I`ve been waiting for this
Ground him and tell him to find new friends
You ask him why he felt he had to do that then ground him
Give him more to smoke
6. Your 16 year old daughter is going to a party and her skirt/shirt are short and see threw you.....
Don`t care
Tell her to put on a little more clothes
Say put on more clothes or your not going
Send her little brother with her and say have fun
7. Your 18 year old son lost his job and wants to move in with you and you....
Say no be a bum
Hug him say you missed him and let him in
Say yeah why not
8. Your daughter is getting married you.....
Don`t go
I hate him so why would I go to your wedding
Go but stay hidden
Go and give a big speach about how much you love them
9. Your son is having a baby and wants to give the baby your middle name you.....
Punch him in the face
Smile and nod
Say of corse

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Created on:1/23/2016 10:46:41 AM
Made by:quizzis101

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