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would you be a good king?
would you be a good king for your people?

1. you buy land to settle your city!if building your castle took three seasons,when would you start?
spring to fall
summer to winter
fall to spring
winter to summer
2. it is the first blizzard in your new kingdom.many of your people are sick,they will die if you dont cure them soon.what will you do?
get the medicines they need
let them die!
have your knights kill them
3. a runaway steels food at your feast,your knight catch him.what will you do with?
invite him to the feast
put him in prison
let him leave(but forbid him to come again)
kill him
give him a punishment,then release him
4. an army is about to attack.what do you do?
run away and let your knights take care of it
order every boy 16 and up to fight with the knights
hide and hope you win
5. you know you will die soon. who will you put in charge?
your eldest son
your wife
your most loyal knight
your general

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