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a dazzling devil, or angelic angel?!?
which one are you?

1. if you saw someone trip infront of you, youwould......
help them up
laugh in their face
pretend you didnt see nothing, and walk off
2. do you believe in karma and fait?
yes definatly
er NO!
whats that?!?
3. pick one..
both =]
4. if someone wanted a fight with you, you would...
walk away patiently
hell yeah!! i`ll teach `em..
tell someone im being bullied
5. which one of these applies to you...
i like helping people out, it makes me feel good!
er i would like to help people out, but im too lazy!
IDK about anyone else, im just looking after number one-AKA-me
6. would you be kind enough to comment or rate...? (does affect outcome)
yeah ofcourse np
i cant be asked

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Times Taken:3,181
Created on:2/13/2008 6:53:13 AM
Made by:XjasminX

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