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a date with Mikey
i hope it goes well

1. you have a date,but you have to get outside and your parents are in the living room.what do you say to get out.
you:mom im going out for milk.Mom:but its so late
you:dad i left my phone at school.Dad:go get it then
sneak out the back door
2. you head to the pizza shop.Mikey should meet you there.someone grabbs your shoulders"BOO".you turn around and see mikey.
don`t go ninja on me tonight ok.Mikey:fine
please don`t scare me like that
hahaha nice one mikey now NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.
3. mikey leads you to a clearing in the woods,it has i perfect view of the moon.
wow mikey you dident have to.mikey:yes i did
kisses mikey on the cheek
4. mikey pulls out pizza from behind i tree.you two eat and soon he`s walking you home.your at you front yard you..,.
kiss mikey
hug mikey
walk in my house don`t even say bye.Me:RUDE

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Created on:6/16/2017 12:34:08 PM
Made by:Leosgirl51

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