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Could You Be a Cheerleader?
Do you have what it takes to play this sport? I have the real results. (e)

1. Can you tumble (back tucks, front tucks, back-hand springs, lay out, full)
What do you mean-tumble?
Yes... I dont like doing them, but I would if I had to.
No.... but I can do cartwheels, forward rolls, and back extention rolls!(sumersault)
I can do some of those!
2. If someone neede help with something you knew about,what would you do?
Leave them to find out on there own.
Help them!You are brilliant at doing those things!
Get someone to help them.You are too lazy to help.
What was the question?
3. If you did a cheer, would you sing it, say it loudly, or scream it?
sing it
say it loudly
scream it
none of the above
4. Are you a good dancer? Tell the truth.
sort of
5. Do you have strong arms?
YES!Gimme a weight right now!!!!
No....I cant even lift my own arms for a long time!
Kind of.I am not like a wrestler or anything.
6. Do you think cheerleaders have to be skinny?
YES!Of course.
I have no clue!
7. Can you maintain self control?
Yes.Cant everyone?
No.I am always hyper,hyper,hyper!
I can be bouncy but I have control!
8. Did you like my quiz (does not affect score)
YES!!!! Cheerleading sounds fun but hard.
No.... it was dumb.
Listen..... cheerleading is not a sport!
It was ok.
9. Sorry,one more.Are you flexible?
No.AHHH!!!Cant even reach my toes!
Yes.I can do full splits!
I can do backbends(streches your back)but I cant do full splits or anything!
10. Okay...I know I said last question before,but....If you went to a competition would you awe the judges?
Yes...most defianlty.(starts doing facials)
I will smile but nothing much.

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Created on:6/30/2007 8:55:46 PM
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