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A Bugs Life quiz
how well do you know this movie take the quiz to find out

1. What is Fliks biggest dream?
To find warrior bugs
To make a difference
To be famous
To be loved
2. What is the first think Atta says in the movie
Flik!! What are you doing
We don`t have time for this
Winds die down they`ll be here soon
How is this going to work mother
3. Why does Hopper come down to the ant hill with his gang
They wanted to destroy the hill
they were looking for food
They wanted to startle the ants
To see what they were up to
4. What were the circus bugs biggest hit
Manny and Gypsy`s magic act
Rosie slaying Dim with Tuck and Roll
Heimlich Francis and Slims comedy act
When they all join together to do Flaming Death
They didn`t have a big hit they were terrible
5. Why did Flik give Atta a quick kiss
It was the right time
She gave him an awesome idea
He just wanted to
She was looking so pretty he couldn`t resist
6. Flik runs in the circus bugs room franticly and yells HOPPERS AFRAID OF BIRDS what does Francis say
REALLY whatever
and that`s important because....
I don`t blame him
7. how many times does Atta send Flik away
what? she never sends him away
8. What does Dot show Flik to encouragment when he insist that their bird plan won`t work? (sorry this was the only pic I could find of them together)
A seed
A rock
A leaf
A grain
9. What is the name of the rabbid grasshopper that beats Flik almost to death
10. What is Fliks responce to PT Flea`s offer to go on the circus tour with his crew
Heck yah I`ll go (me: you sure about that)
Sorry my place is here
no thanks
nah that`s alright
11. And lastly (not really a question) does Atta kiss Flik?
uuuhh yah
your showing the pic so DUH
umm heh NOOO
uh huh

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Created on:5/31/2012 11:22:32 AM
Made by:doodleket95

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