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are u a angel or a demon  quiz. have you ever wondered what side you are on hero or a villon well now you can find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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are u a angel or a demon?
have you ever wondered what side you are on hero or a villon well now you can find out!

1. yin (black part) or yang(white Part)
2. you are walking through a city suddenly everyone disapears you are completely alone what are you thinking now
3. then it just starts to rain you see something in the distance what is it
a shadow
a glowing light
a crow
a place where it is bright with no rain
4. you shake your head in disbelief then you see a little boy what do you do
run home this is getting to creepy
walk towards him finally something interesting is happening to me
run to the boy though you are scared
why bother it not my problem walk away
5. you look back at the boy and he looks at you his eyes fliker red and he laughs the evilest laugh you have ever heard what do you do
laugh with him
scream and cry for help
stare at him scared and cant move
try to find something to kill him with
6. he starts to come near you and he starts to chant something some spell you stab your self in the arm by actsident with something what was it
a rock
my nails
a glass shard found on the ground
a stick
7. next thing you know your in your room on the bed thinking it must have been a dream what are you feeling
relief it over
upset i wanted to see what would happen next
mad you wanted to rip that boy to shreads
yay! im safe
8. but then you feel something run down your arm it was the blood from when you cut yourself what do you do
scream why me!
cry im scared
laugh and think this is weird
look around mabey something else cool will happen
9. then something shows up on your wall it is written in blood it say will you rate and comment plzz!!!
10. then your floor turns into fire and you can see hell and your ceiling starts to glow you can see heaven as well you start to float up then you hear a voice saying they will now determine it you are going to be a demon or an angel are you ready?
i th..think so......

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Created on:12/23/2008 6:14:11 PM
Made by:kibarox

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