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Which one of my funny pics are you?
which one are you? please nice comments and good ratings!

1. No pictures for the quiz, but pictures for the result, some of the questions...
Huh? What does "Lol," mean?
I`m scared. Are you there timmy? (me: who`s timmy?)
*stops in the middle of tearing up something* It`s not what it looks like...
2. Do you like Rihanna?
Who`s Rihanna? Is she your best friend or so?
Who cares...... she`s too bouncy...
It`s Bond, James Bond
3. What do you like to eat at party`s?
Umm, oh........ HELP ME!
It`s Bond, James Bond
Naco`s pizza soda, beer (me: havnet i asked how old u where in anoter quizz?)
It`s a too much of serious time to discuss that. Carry on.
4. Are meant to party or meant for boredom?
It`s Bond, James Bond
5. What do you usauly eat and drink?
Milk, regular food ya know?
Gosh I`m really starting to worry about Timmy... (me: what??)
Eat, steak, drink, beer (me: HOW OLD ARE YOU?)
Soda, pizza, mmmmmm sometimes sandwiches..
IT`s Bond, James Bond
6. I`m thinking this is personal, but what grades do you get?
It`s Bond, James Bond (me: ok that is getting really weird)
7. why did you really take this quiz?
IDK *cries TIMMY?!?? TIMMY?!?!?
It`s Bond, James Bond
No time to discuss, time to get back to buissness!
`Cause I wanna know!

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Created on:5/3/2009 2:20:31 PM
Made by:r0ckhottie

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