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Who Would You Fall For  Vampire  Werewolf  Demon or Angel    quiz. Yep  its number   of the  who would you fall for   story based quizzes  Like I said last time  if anyone wants me to send them a private message when I make the next one  just tell me in this quiz s comments  I will continue to send anyone a private message for each new issue unless asked otherwise Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Who Would You Fall For? Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Angel? 3
Yep, its number 3 of the 'who would you fall for?' story-based quizzes! Like I said last time, if anyone wants me to send them a private message when I make the next one, just tell me in this quiz's comments! I will continue to send anyone a private message for each new issue unless asked otherwise.

1. Recap! You have just found out Craig is a werewolf, Kyle a Demon, Nick an angel and Dane a vampire and you ask them what`s going on. Ready for part 3?
I don`t want a stupid recap! Hurry up and start the dam quiz!
Yes, I am! By the way I love your quizzes! (Me: ^_^)
YES YES YES YES!!!!!! (Me: *Almost has a heart attack*)
Yep. :)
2. "Come back to my house," Craig said. "We`ll explain everything there, just tell your Mum your sleeping over."...
WHAT!? No just tell me now!
Back to Craig`s house!? Fine with me! :)
*Doesn`t say anything instead just fallows behind them as they walk there.*
Okay, whenever your ready, just I would really like to know soon! ^_^
But.. but... I wanna go to Dane`s house!
Same as above, but Nick`s!
Yah, same as above once again, but Kyle`s.
3. "Does your Mum know about all this, Craig?" you asked as you entered his house along with the others. "She doesn`t," Kyle answered, even though your not sure how he`d know. "I created a demonic image of a mother for Craig so he could act more human."
Wow, that is so cool...
Huh? Doesn`t Craig have a Mum?
Oh, okay... WAIT! WHAT?
That was really kind of you!
I`m not even going to bother asking more.
4. Craig is quiet as you all sit down around his coffee table and you wait for an answer. There was silence for a large amount of time before Nick finally said something. "Chelsea, we`re really sorry to have to bring this all on you so suddenly, but...
Click this one t move on! (Won`t change result!)
Or this one! (Read above speech in brackets).
5. ... there is something after you, that has been searching for you for a very long time-" "Something that seeks to kill you and has now found you," Kyle cut in. There was another pause before you asked, "But why?" As you say this who you looking at?
Dane. His eyes are so red... and he`s staring right at me...
Nick. His wings are tucked neatly behind him like a dove roosting... he`s so... beautiful...
Craig. He looks like he`s in pain, as if the full moon is threatening to change him. Maybe it is?
Kyle. He looks so strong and as if those wings could tear apart me with ease...
6. "Because you hold power," Dane spoke now and his voice sent shivers down your spine. You saw why he didn`t talk much. None of the others seemed effected though. "Power like none of us could even dream of obtaining."
Me? No that can`t be right... (Me: Umm yeah it is, read the above statement.)
Woah! Really!? So I might have wings, or red eyes and a chilling voice or be half wolf?!
Powers? Does this mean I can bring world peace!? *Starts to list down the good things you could do."
*Dance* (Me: Ahah...)
Okay this is way too much! *Jumps out nearest window* (Me: Wait, come back! You didn`t finish!)
7. "Then am I going to be like one of you guys?" you ask. You see Nick shake his head. "No, you were born with this power, we were given our abilities very differently." You wait for him to continue, but notice he wasn`t going to.
Yeah, you know the drill. CLICK!
8. "How did you get your powers then?" you question. "I died and was dammed to the underworld, the only way to free myself was to help watch over you," Kyle said, matter of factly.
That`s scary...
AWESOME!! I hope that happens to me!!
Woah, things just keep on getting weirder. Oh well!
9. "I was bitten by a wild wolf on the night of a full moon," Craig said quietly. "I was always normal, before a pure spirit entered my body and I became this," Nick said next. Finally Dane answered, "I was bitten by another vampire, kinda obvious."
If I get bitten by a vampire do I turn as sexy as Dane? :)
I can`t believe these guys are all telling me this, it must be really hard for them. *Smiles*
These guys all allowed themselves to get into these crazy situations. That would never happen to me.
Aww wolve`s are cute! How come it bit you?
Wow two spirits... Does that mean you are twice as kind and romantic? :D
10. You tried to dissolve all the information as you thought about what had been said, then asked, "So what exactly was after me on the road?" Craig answered, "Pure darkness, the Shadow, the thing that is after you, after your soul."
HAH! I`d like to see a dark smudge steal MY soul! I`d kick its shadowy butt!
Uhh, what?
OMG!!! NO IT CAN`T STEAL MY SOUL!!! I NEED THAT!! *Checks self to see if still alive*
That`s pretty scary, but okay, I can be brave and get through this.
A shadow? As in that little dark thing that an object creates? That`s meant to take my soul? Right.
How is this even possible!? I don`t have powers!
*Breathing exercises* I just have to stay calm.
11. "When I appeared it left, but it won`t next time," Craig continued. "Exactly, that`s why we`re here," Dane pointed out, looking at Craig. "But what`s so special about ME?" you ask. "I don`t have any powers!"
Yeah, sorry about another one of these, please click one.
Click one, please!
12. "Or so you think," Kyle suddenly said, making you get goosebumps. "For that`s partially why we are here, to protect you and help you find your powers..." And that`s the end of part 3! How are they so far?
What`s it to you? (Me: Umm, well, umm. *Runs away*)
They are fantastic! Please make the next one soon. (Me: Of course! :D)
They`re okay.

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