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What Dog Breed Are You?
Every body loves dogs... right.

1. When do you do the best in activities
When ever there is the smell of raw meat.
whenever there is caffine
In the spring
At Night
2. What is your fav movie
never cry wolf
Chainsaw massecur
Fox and Hound
th- Ohhhh shiney
3. How Tall are you
Tall enough
Why do you care
You Don`t want to know
Oh shiney
4. What`s youre take on politics
I luv em, tis a blood bath
too slooow- Ohh Shiny!!!!
They are waaaay too over rated
all independent!!!!!
5. Fav fruit
ewwww fruit

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Created on:11/8/2008 3:14:15 AM
Made by:ebony__wings

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