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 Charlie Sheen Quiz quiz. he s one of my favorite actors  i LOVE his show two and a half men Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Charlie Sheen Quiz
he's one of my favorite actors. i LOVE his show two and a half men.

1. When was he born?
November 3 1995
September 3 1965
December 3 1975
2. What is his home town?
New york
3. What is his birthname?
James carlos lewis
Hal dan carter
Carlos irwin estevez
4. what sport did he enjoy in high school?
5. what are the names of his parents?
Jane lynch, Frank Sheen Sheen
Rebecca Fuller, Jack Sheen
Martin Sheen, Janet Templeton
6. what was the first movie he was in when he was 8?
Cannonball Run
The execution of private solvik
7. What was the name of his wife from 2002-2005?
Jany coppret
Denise Richards
Hallei Fynch
8. In 2000, what popular show did Charlie replace Michael J. Fox on?
Las vegas
Two and a half men
Spin City
9. What is the name of his recent show?
Two and a half men
Rules of engagement
How i met your mother
10. Do you like Charlie Sheen? (affects outcome)
11. Bye for now

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