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What type of candy r u
Find out what can u r

1. R u good at keeping secrets
2. U see an injured animal deep down u know u want to
Help it
Help it but don`t let any one see
Laugh then help
3. Someone is picking on u what do u do
U hit them
U keep calm
U say something
4. U are a freshmen but someone offers u a big job what do u do (u won`t miss skool)
Take it
Decline it
Take it with out anyone knowing
5. U know a secret what do u do
Tell everyone
Keep it to ur self
Tell one person
6. U have to do homework but u want to party what do u do
Do homework
Do some homework than party
Put anything

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Created on:8/23/2015 10:37:04 AM
Made by:Shakira4eva

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