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 You  amp  me   do we have anything in common    quiz. So  take this quizz to know  are you like me   I m sure you guyz already took thoustands of quizzes like this but please  take this one anyway   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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You & we have anything in common ?
So, take this quizz to know! are you like me ? I'm sure you guyz already took thoustands of quizzes like this but please, take this one anyway !

1. What`s your favorite kind of color ?
Dark colors, like: black, grey, dark brown,...
Happy colors, like : Yellow , pink, orange, sky blue
All kinds of colors, like : Pink, white, blue, yellow, black , green, grey
Soft colors, like : Blue, white, light purple, green...
2. What kind of music do you listen to ?
Chick music ( hilary duff, Avril lavigne)
Opera ( O_0)
pop / RnB
3. When you are bored during class, what do you do ?
Sing a song
Just sit there
silently talk with your friends
You still try to pay attention to what the teacher says, you might miss something important
4. What`s your favorite type of movies
Science fiction
I like all types of movies
5. Do you believe in magic and magical creatures ?
Yeah i definatly do !
i kinda do....
6. What do you think about football ?
I love it , i could keep playin this sport fornever and ever !
this sport is okay, but i don`t play football
i don`t like playing this sport nor watching it on TV...
7. Wich disney princess do you like the most ?
Seeping beauty ( fergot her name sorry ..`-_-...°)
8. If you had one wish, which one whould it be :
Becoming the worlds best singer
Having magical powers
Becoming the most intelligent person on earth
becoming the best dancer in the world
Becoming the greatest circus artist in the world
9. What do you think of crazy stuff like HUUUGE roller coasers, skydiving,... ?
" OMG , i love `em soo much !! "
" i like to do crazy stuff , but i don`t think i`d like to try AWSOMELY HUGE rollercoars "
" wow...i`m not THAT crazy..."
" i hate `em, they`re way to dangerous, we should never have created such a thing ! "
10. Are you mostly misunderstood/misinterpreted by people ?
Yeah , always
Yeah, almost always
Not really
Not at all
11. Are there sides of your personality you don`t show to others / Are you very secretive when it`s about your personality ( even with your best friends )?
Just like everybody, i have secrets, but i don`t really HIDE any sides of my personality...
I don`t tell my friends everything, but " hiding" is a too big word
No, i tell my friends everything they wanna know about me
i`m very secretive, even my bestfriend/boy/girlfriend/bro/sis/parents don`t know me completly
I`m quite secretive, nobody beside my best friend knows me
12. People who Don`t / barely know you think that you`re :
Nerdy and introvert
friendly, outgoing, humorious and fun to be with
shy, naive, witty and humorious
Weird and freaky/scary
Mysterious, secretive, generious and kind
Angry, crazy and depressed
the tomboyish kind who scare off man ( if your a girl)
weak, the kind of person who always gets bullied
13. People who DO know you say that you`re :
Mysterious, shy, sensitive and secretive
Hyper, happy all the time, naive, sensitive and humorious
crazy and weird but still fun to be with
Smart, sarcastic , witty and funny
stubborn, sarcastic, angry ( sometimes) and strong
Cool, generious, always the optimist, the one who keeps everybody together and the problem solver
14. Are you social / Can you easily go toward people you don`t know ?
Yeah, i`m very social and friendly`s not that big of a deal to talk with strangers
Kinda...i can go toward people i don`t know , but not as easily as i should
Not really, i feel uneasy around people i don`t know
Not at all, i don`t like social situations
15. Which is your favorite name out of those :

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Created on:3/19/2008 7:31:56 AM
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