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What  would  you  be  in  a  fantasy  world  quiz. I love anime and fantasy combined so I just made a quiz for the fun of it   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What would you be in a fantasy world?
I love anime and fantasy combined so I just made a quiz for the fun of it! (e)

1. Again, everyone hate this question, but what`s your favorite color?
2. What`s the closest thing to your personality?
Serious and Mystrious
Stubborn and Selfish
Happy and Hyper
Sarcastic and Secretive
3. If I were in danger, what would you do?
Save you! Even if it meant putting my life on the line!
I`d be the one putting you in danger! Mwhahahahahaha!
I don`t even know you, so I really don`t know...
4. I try to fight back, and tell you to run and leave it all to me. You...
Ignore me and still try to save me...
Flee hoping I come back alive...
Walk away like you don`t care if I die or not...
5. What element are you?
6. After we beat the enemy, I tell you I`m in a secret organization, called Organiztion Twilight, and I was being stalked by the enemy, for a certain reason that has to do with it. What is your reaction?
Wow cool! Can I join?
You stare at me and ask me what the reason was.
You ask if I`m alright.
You walk away, hoping I won`t come after you.
7. I tell you I had a demonetic sword that could destroy anyone or anything in it`s way. You...
Cool! Can I try it?!
Cast a spell on it so no one ever gets there hands on it ever again...
You walk away, trusting I can take care of it myself...
You take it, saying that you`ll protect me forever...
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Created on:2/27/2008 5:34:28 PM
Made by:cloudfan14

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