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What _______ are you?
Hehehe MYSTERY option cool! What are they?

1. Describe yourself honestly and maybe a bit guiltily or robots will take your favourite things!
Patient, happy and follow peoples good footsteps
I`M A COMPUTER FREAK and focus on Fortnite
Quiet, warm and rarely gets angry
I am not any of those next question!
2. Choose a flower
Snowdrop ( look like white bluebells )
Cornflower ( pretty blue flower tht looks like a tree )
Yuck! I hate flowers!
3. What is your favourite colour?
Green glitter galor xD I`m joking no glitter galor
Golden yellow
Bleu (you need to have paid attention in french for this) he he he I`m EVIL
Other, gold, green and blue just aren`t my thing
4. What is the first letter of your FIRST name?
W or I
Other why so small variety?
5. What do you think the mystery turn-outs are?
Animals and I bet I`m a ______
What in the world?!

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Created on:4/24/2019 2:24:47 PM
Made by:Amie_quizzes

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