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Which Spartan 300 character are you?
uh yea the above

1. If you were in charge of a group, and some other group hurt one of your people would you
attack the other group in retaliation.
try to reason with the other group.
get some one else to attack the other group.
kill your own that got attacked
2. if you attacked and burned down a town and found one kid would you
leave him
help him
kill him
3. if your comrad was hurt on the battle field out side your lines of safety would you
leave him to die
wait til the battle was over to help him
run out and try to save him
4. whats your favorite color
dark red
light red
5. what weight of equipment would you like
almost none
6. what weapon would you have
ninja sword
your mass army of men
7. if some one bigger than you wanted to fight you would you
say ok and just start fighting
say no and when he turned away stab them from behind
call to your friends for help
just run away
8. if your friend was in trouble would you
help him to the end
help him to a extent
just leave him
try to help him reason
turn on him if it helped you
9. what would you do
go find a good fight
go chill with friends
go find someone to mess with(dosent matter if they deserve it or not)
try to help others and raise peace
10. how would you fight
go in head strong and hope for the best
go in strong but smart
go in and out using speed
far away attack to stay safe
11. did you like this quiz( wont effect your outcome)
hell yeah
no not really

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