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Member Profile: writerchick

Female, 13-17
Midwest US

 589 Posts

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3890days 20 hours ago

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Interests: Writing / Gardening / Books
Homepage: (None)
IM Type: (Decline to State) IM Name:
Occupation: middle school student/ future author
City: lets just say that i live in a small town
State/Province: somewhere in the US midwest
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Christian
Politics: (Decline to State)
Favorite Movie: Race to Witch Mountain, Aquamarine
Favorite TV Show: H2O just add water
Favorite Book: The Tail of Emily Windsnap
Favorite Song: taylor swift: love story
Favorite Food: cookie dough ice cream/tator tots/popcorn
Favorite Car:
We all have dreams. Really, who doesnt? In my dreams I`m a writer. And thats just who I am.

Unique: that is the word. I dont like to follow the crowd, for I might get lost it in.
Mysterious: even better.

crazy? yes. one of a kind? oh ya.
\ /)
(> <) bunny

P.S: I have another account on this site (other then mermaidgirl, I dont use that one really anymore). I`m not telling you who it is, but I thought I should just let you know (that I have another account I mean)

Quizzes by writerchick
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How should you spend your summer?
It`s that time of year again! No school, no homework... and no clue on what to do?
Posted Date: 6/3/2010 12:09:08 PM

What chipmunk are you?
Whats not to love about the chipmunks? Find out if your Alvin, Simon, or Theodore
Posted Date: 10/14/2009 5:41:02 PM

Calling all taylor swift lovers!
i may hate JB but taylor rox!!
Posted Date: 9/26/2009 9:48:06 AM

Calling all lovers of rude JB pics!
if u like seeing JB make a fool out of themselfs.... oh wait. they did that the moment their first song came out. ok, make a BiGgEr fools out of themselfs u came to the right place!
Posted Date: 9/26/2009 9:31:34 AM

Calling all haters of the jonas brothers
i hate JB!!!!
Posted Date: 9/25/2009 11:15:46 PM

How green are you?
Find out if you are a tree hugger or a trash dump
Posted Date: 9/20/2009 9:24:44 PM

What color Chapstick are you?
If you were Chapstick, what color would you be?
Posted Date: 9/4/2009 5:05:36 PM

Why am i doin this?
hiyas pplz. i never thought i would make a useless quiz like this but im bored
Posted Date: 8/29/2009 11:55:29 PM

What Halloween costume should you have? (girls plz)
Who said that you cant be thinking about Halloween in Augest? Find out what costume you should have! (girls please)
Posted Date: 8/25/2009 4:53:42 PM

What color are your fairy wings?
The other thing (other then mermaids) that i just lOvE are fairies! Find out what color your wings would be if you were one!
Posted Date: 8/23/2009 5:43:09 PM

Could we be friends?
Find out of we should be friends or avoid eachother!
Posted Date: 8/15/2009 7:13:32 PM

Do you know trivia to my 3 fave movies?
My 3 three fave movies are The Parent trap, Aquamarine and Race to witch mountain. Do you know the answers to trivia questions about them?
Posted Date: 8/10/2009 8:53:11 PM

What mythical creature are you?
If u ever wanted to know....
Posted Date: 8/9/2009 7:16:40 PM

What kind of book are you?
If you were a book, what genre would you be?
Posted Date: 8/7/2009 4:19:45 PM

What random pic are you?
This is yet another "what pic" are you quiz from me, writerchick :)
Posted Date: 8/7/2009 11:53:36 AM

What iCarly charector are you?
Are you carly, sam, freddie, mrs. benson or nevel?
Posted Date: 8/6/2009 7:49:26 PM

What animal are you?
Incase if u ever wondered what u would be if u were an animal :)
Posted Date: 8/5/2009 5:23:17 PM

if you were a nature pic, what would u be?
what would u be if u were a nature pic? (yes, i know the pic here is random, but its cool)
Posted Date: 8/5/2009 3:08:40 PM

What H2O charector are you?
omg, i lust love love love love love love love love love love love this show!!! no rude coments plz!
Posted Date: 8/4/2009 6:26:39 PM

What color are you #2
i know i have done a "what color are you" quiz b4. this one is different.
Posted Date: 8/4/2009 5:40:38 PM

My vacation quiz
hiyas, this is my last full day of vacation so i thought i would make a quiz bout my travels :)
Posted Date: 8/2/2009 11:32:09 PM

Are you a mermaid lover?
i know, this quiz isnt my best. but i just LOVE mermaids so im looking for others who love them to!
Posted Date: 7/29/2009 9:30:58 PM

Are you land or sea?
are you hard to crack like land, or swift and easy going as sea?
Posted Date: 7/24/2009 4:22:03 PM

Are u super smart. sorry my brother made this, not me
are u smart?
Posted Date: 7/22/2009 9:24:12 PM

are you like me?
see if ur like me.
Posted Date: 7/15/2009 3:42:08 PM


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