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Member Profile: sadlymortal

Male, 13-17

 1030 Posts

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3435days 7 hours ago

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Interests: Hunting / Hunting / Hunting / Animals / Music
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:1/6/1994 (26 Years Old)
IM Type: (Decline to State) IM Name:
Occupation: Student
City: The English Countryside
State/Province: a field in the English Countryside
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Christian
Politics: (Decline to State)
Favorite Movie: Princess Mononoke
Favorite TV Show: king of the hill
Favorite Book: revision guide
Favorite Song: Antichrist Superstar
Favorite Food: rice
Favorite Car: what`s wrong with walking?
I drank 12 shots of vodka in fairly close proximity...Somehow, I am hardcore.

In the European view of Chinese mythology, Joss is a household deity and his cult image, which the Portuguese and other Europeans called an `idol`. Joss is not Chinese, but originates from the Portuguese word deus `god`. Derived terms include Joss house, a Chinese temple, Joss stick, a paste-covered stick that is burned in a religious context, Joss paper, paper images of property (especially money) that are burned for use in the next world, and Joss candle.

Quizzes by sadlymortal
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Experiment quiz #7: Speed race
the idea of this one is to see who can answer 10 questions the fastest. Honesty is crucial for this one.
Posted Date: 6/26/2010 8:03:22 PM

Well now, isn`t this unfortunate?
It appears, all but one of my friends have left me.
Posted Date: 7/18/2009 9:31:15 PM

.Natures Challenge
There are no straight lines in nature...please, someone prove this statement wrong!!!
Posted Date: 6/3/2009 5:38:35 PM

So you think you know Dethklok?
hopefully quite easy.
Posted Date: 5/9/2009 8:12:58 PM

Which inside joke are you?
You won`t get it, I was just bored
Posted Date: 5/8/2009 7:30:26 PM

More about me
Because I`m bored.
Posted Date: 10/15/2008 6:21:50 PM

Which of my families swordsmen are you?
Limited outcomes really, but detailed explanations and engaging questions. One thing you need to know is that a "Crushing" sword is one with a 5ft blade. Enjoy.
Posted Date: 10/11/2008 6:30:37 PM

How will you dump Sadlymortal?
He`s so mean!
Posted Date: 8/18/2008 7:36:48 PM

Would you take the angel of corruptions hand?
It`s a scene from my book, which is essentialy the first death. Anyway, enjoy the quiz and once again, don`t take it too seriously.
Posted Date: 8/17/2008 9:20:18 PM

Experiment quiz #3 Identical quizzes
You`ll get talked through as the quiz goes on.
Posted Date: 8/7/2008 9:46:26 PM

Spaceballs: The quiz!
another merchandise. watch the film!
Posted Date: 8/6/2008 8:10:42 PM

Hmmm, (deeply contemplative gibberish)
I needed a quiz to make, so I`m just gonna ask a number of multiple choise questions for a bit.
Posted Date: 7/31/2008 7:30:44 PM

Could you survive in my holy forest?
(with a bit of influence from princess mononoke. It`s a really good film, you should watch it) Pretty straight forward, don`t take it too seriously ja?
Posted Date: 6/16/2008 2:50:38 PM

Experiment quiz #1: PM
The questions will tell you what to do.
Posted Date: 6/1/2008 6:25:54 PM

Are you fascist?
Be warned, this quiz is as accurate as possible.
Posted Date: 5/30/2008 7:54:49 PM

Le quiz de francais.
Je suis desole por l`accents et mon francais
Posted Date: 5/24/2008 8:10:22 PM

Which of the spirits vessels are you?
Take my forest spirit quiz if you want this to make sense. Which item holds you in custody?
Posted Date: 5/22/2008 6:47:54 PM

.Oh screw it...
Do you know me? of course you don`t but can we relate to each other? Do we have similar lifestyles?
Posted Date: 5/8/2008 6:36:35 PM

Which of my fighting styles are you?
Exactly as the name implies, simply for your enjoyment, Here we go.
Posted Date: 5/4/2008 9:09:19 PM

Which Character from mine and Gunslingers film are you
The film is about the Russian resistance against the Nazis in 1941. If you find any of it offensive, let me know so I can change it
Posted Date: 4/30/2008 1:48:10 PM

Which of my aspirations are you?
what`s that? A breeze of confusion. Aspiration means dream. The landscape becomes silent.
Posted Date: 4/25/2008 4:37:03 PM

which attack are you?
from my own martial art: U.B.S. with a crushing stick (a stick that is at least 1ft bigger than you).
Posted Date: 4/12/2008 5:12:04 PM

Which of the royal Laguz are you?
From fire emblem radiant dawn. I`ll also throw in how to pronounce it!
Posted Date: 4/9/2008 5:48:14 PM

Which of my fatal flaws are you?
Paranoia, superstition, hatred, bloodlust, coldheartedness or loneliness
Posted Date: 4/3/2008 7:10:04 PM

which of my most memorable dreams are you?
with explanations
Posted Date: 3/27/2008 9:18:06 PM


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